Mac - MFD

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Product Description

Generic panel to simulate flight on any type of aircraft. Using the appropriate software, you can create analog panel or EFIS configuration. You can fly mono, twin engine, jet and helicopter aircraft!

The screen has a central split and you can choose to use analog gauges or EFIS. When you choose analog, you have at the base of the screen several buttons to adjust the instruments, avoiding the use of the mouse during the flight.

All these details provide even more realism and practicality in the simulation, in addition to a spectacular finish because our equipment is cut in laser and CNC offering more precision and better finish.

Macbare always offering practical, beautiful and functional products for its customers.

Items Included:

1 x Panel with instrument adjustment knobs (Display for instruments already included inside the panel)

1 x Mac Parking brake

Contains compartments for installing the Yoke Saitek, Saitek PZ69, Saitek PZ70, Saitek PZ55 and Saitek BIP (Saitek Products NOT included if you wish to request a separate quote)


1 video outputs

USB ports

Equipment Bivolt (127v / 220v)

Registered FSUIPC program.

Flight Simulator or X-Plane installed

Compatible with Flight Simulator 2004 or FSX and X-Plane

Compatible with Windows (all versions)


43 (A) x 90 (L) x 33 (P) cm.

Approximate weight: 20 KG

Manufacturing Time: 30 days

Warranty: 12 month