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Mac - B58/A36-S

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Product Description

Flight Simulator AATD Baron 58 e Bonanza A36

Our equipment is manufactured in accordance with FAA standards to achieve the AATD certification level. The simulators have all the necessary controls so that it is possible to carry procedures of departure, control of flight, simulate situations of emergency and navigation IFR. All controls are made in metal to withstand long hours in use. For greater precision and durability we installed hall sensors on the main controls. Our equipment also helps the student become familiar with the actual aircraft because of its similarity. In the visual system, TVs or projectors with curved screen can be installed.

Included Items:

  • Navigation instruments.
  • Motor parameters.
  • Warning lights.
  • Indicators of flaps and compensators.
  • GPS with updated GNS 530 browser.
  • Stack of radios.


  • A couple of linked Manches Yokes.
  • Two pairs of double pedals linked.
  • Flap control.
  • Power, step and mix control for motors.
  • Key panel to control lights, battery and start.
  • Parking brake control.
  • Landing gear control
  • Command of cowl flaps.
  • Cab and dashboard light control.
  • Compensators command.
  • Fuel selector control and shutoff.


  • Made of metal, MDF and fiber, lined inside and features aluminum flooring.
  • Two reclining seats with sliding rails.
  • Lighting in the ceiling
  • 2 side doors


  • 03 x Headsets + communication system
  • 01 x Support for iPad
  • 01 x High performance cab computer
  • 01 x 22 "Monitor for Instruction Station
  • 01 x X-Plane Professional licenses
  • 01 x Software Software License Professional
  • 03 x TVs 49 "Full HD with brackets (Contact us if you prefer curved screen and projectors)

Delivery time: contact us.

Warranty: 12 months warranty against manufacturing defect.