Rudder Pedals

Mac-Rudders Bell206 / AS350

High durability and precision !!!

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Product Description

 The size and stroke of the pedals were based on the actual aircraft. The control is manufactured in metal with high level of detail. Despite being a replica of the Bell206 / AS350 helicopter's pedals, it is also possible to control other helicopter models in X-Plane, Flight Simulator and other PC flight simulators.

The most advanced motion control technology known as Sensor Hall is used. It is a magnetic effect sensor that in addition to being more precise than the potentiometers used in joysticks by most manufacturers, the Hall sensor has unique life.

Control very accurately and smoothly the tail rotor of your helicopter simulator or even the helm of your plane !!!

Sandpaper on the feet to prevent slipping.

Non-slip base support.

Pedals not auto centering (according to actual aircraft)

Compatible with:

Flight Simulator / X-Plane and other flight simulators for PC.

Windows (all versions)

Delivery time: 30 days

Warranty: 12 months against manufacturing defects.