Light Cabin

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Product Description

Product developed for use in various models of cockpits

For those who want to add more realism in the simulation without spending a lot, the Mac-Cockpit Light cabin arrived !!!

A simple assembly and low cost cabin that will make your simulator much more realistic!

The cabin was designed with its entrance from behind and therefore has no side doors which minimizes the space that the cabin will occupy

Install your dashboard and seat and enjoy your simulation to the fullest!

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Material: MDF

Weight: 50 Kg

Dimensions: 150 cm x 140 cm x 100 cm (C / A / L)

Product Dimensions Packaged: 112 cm x 92 cm x 30 cm (C / A / L)

Note: It does not accompany metal platform and bench

Manufacturing Time: 30 days

Warranty: 12 month